Current favorite high street nail polish

It was by chance I discovered KIKO Cosmetics, that is an Italian brand newly introduced to England.

I wanted to venture into wearing more colour on my nails, as I use to be quite boring in that area, and are still not completely comfortable with bright colours just yet. But it feels like such a shame to spend money on a nail polish if I actually didn’t like having more colourful nails. So when I walked by the KIKO store in Westfield last summer, and saw a big sign in the window saying nail polish £1.50, and behind that being able to see a wall of colours in store, I was drawn in. My initial thought was that I could try wearing colours I normally wouldn’t wear, and if I liked it I could buy the colour in a “better” brand. But little did I know that this little bottle would actually end up being one of my preferred brands.
I went home and painted my nails that same day, as you do when you get something new and exciting, and found them very easy to apply and that they gave a great 2 coat cover. I was even more impressed when the polish hadn’t chipped after a five days, so went straight back to stock up on some more colour before the offer ran out (though the offer ended up lasting all summer).

This summer the nail polishes are on offer again, this time for £2.50 (normal price £3.90), but still a really good offer in my book, as it is still the brand I reach for when I need a lasting colour. 

Check out for more information.

I will certainly be trying out more products from this brand, so watch this space for more reviews.