Area H2O shampoo and conditioner

When I worked as a hair stylist, I always wondered why no company had ever invented a cream-shampoo and something that would help with the damage of hard city water. 

A few years after the Wen cream cleanser came on the market and around the same time, I think, hair stylist Jonathan Antin developed a filter for your shower head, making the water less damaging for your hair. The only problem was it was made for US plumbing and was never available in Europe. 

But now something super magical has happened, a newish product on the marked has developed a shampoo and conditioner range with a sort of “build inn filter” that will prevent a lot of the mineral ions in water from sticking to you hair (won’t go in to the science to much, as you can find more information about that on their website listed below). 

Now this is great news for people like me, who are really struggling with London water, and are quite often having to resort to very conditioning hair product, that then weighs down my fine hair.
As you can see from the picture, I did use up the whole bottle, which I only do if I really like a product, so real proof that I did really like it.
First off it cleanses your hair really well, so much so, that I thought it would be way to drying for my hair using it the first time. But after blowdrying my hair, I was left with amazingly shiny and soft hair, that felt really clean an airy, and that I was able to add a lot of volume to while styling. I also found while using it, that I could go longer between washing it than normal.

Only thing that didn’t really work completely with my hair was the conditioner, as my hair needed a little bit more conditioning to detangle (badly split ends, so not really products fault ). But my solution was just to put a tiny amount of a different conditioner in the last inch of my hair, after having used the first conditioner in the rest of the hair.

So if you are like me and struggle with fine hair in a hard water area, this would be for you.

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